NFT lottery

Buy a 10 $ ticket and stand a chance to win

2000 $

Join the Diamonds lottery

This exclusive presale lottery runs through a completely randomized contract, where users can mint NFTs as a participation ticket to win a very good amount of BUSD.  

70% of the total Lottery pool will be going straight to winners, 30% will be going to a multi-signature buyback wallet to support the JTD chart and have the Jeets rekt.

1st Price

REd Diamond

Chance to win 2000 $

5 winners

2nd Price

Blue Diamond

Chance to win 1000 $

10 winners

3rd Price

green Diamond

Chance to win 500 $

20 winners

4th Price

VIOLET Diamond

Chance to win 100 $

200 winners

5th Price

Yellow Diamond

Chance to win 20 $

1000 winners

no win