Let the jeets out party

As we care for diamond hands and we want to stress out the jeets, we are giving them a possibility of selling before the jeet tax dies out (=33 Days).

The contract has an Implemented buy counter, once it fills, the jeet tax will decrease for 1% on each sell consecutively until it reaches 12% – the standard sell tax. Once one sell is made on the standard taxes the jeet tax automatically switches back on and the buy counter resets.

Buy tax


During this event the buy tax is 0%, giving diamond hands the possibility to stop the “let the jeets out party” immediately if 20 buys happen before the jeet tax reaches 0.

Where are the taxes going?

To the Diamond Hands – hence Investors still holding JTD, paying them out incredible BUSD rewards

To be eligible for automatic BUSD Rewards, you must hold at least 500k Tokens that grant you access to the “Diamond Club”. 

For the smaller holders we provide a staking pool, where they can stake their JTD tokens and get BUSD rewards, allowing them to accumulate more tokens and get into the “Diamond Club”.